Intensive treatment for your complicated dental cases and follow up your recovery

Oral & Maxillofacial Care and Cure Clinic, objective of the establishment of (OMFC) is to realize a healthy longevity that begins with the citizen's and world oral cavity. For that reason, it is three essential Dental treatment for maintaining health centered on the oral cavity

① Precise Examination
② Sure preventive program
③ Practice highly advanced treatment with high predictability.

Since this Dental institution is an accredited facility of the Japanese maxillofacial implants society, we offer advanced oral maxillofacial care including craniofacial and implant treatment. As a dental treatment for cutting edge technology impossible in Japanese National insurance dental treatment, I will propose and practice advanced dental treatment tailor-made suitable for individual patient. I would like to aim to realize healthy longevity that starts from the oral cavity and is responsible for maintaining health of the oral and maxillofacial of Japanese citizens and all around the world people in Minatomirai and Yokohama, which is an international city.

Dental treatment contents

■ General Dentistry

Cavities, Zirconia, Ceramic, Crowns and Bridges, Root Canal with Microscope, Denture for Implant, Scaling and Cleaning,

■ Implant (Surgery, Bridges, Denture and After Care)

・ Implant treatment for multiple tooth defect cases
・ Implant treatment with computer guide
・ immediate Load Implant treatment (one day Implant surgery)
・ Minimally invasive implant treatment (short implant, intentionally inclined implantation, application of the Zymgo mine brand, etc.)
・ Creating an implant superstructure by CAD/CAM
・ Rehab for after occlusal surface reconstruction

■ Laser Surgery

Laser is used in oral and dental surgery for virtually all soft tissue procedures, such as; gingivectomies vestibuloplasty, frenectomies Also safe around implants as it is reflected by titanium, and thus has been gaining popularity in the field of periodontology.

■ Maxillofacial and Craniofacial

Oral Surgery, Regenerative for soft tissue and cells, Reformation of the facial region by advanced stem cell technique, Plastic surgery, Face and Jaws. Jaw bone reconstruction, regenerative treatment in severe jaw bone resorption case

■ Extended Treatment

Skin, Wrinkles, Botox.

For Anti-Aging

■ Oral Dock --- Advanced checkup and exam for your intraoral ---

The mouth is the entrance of the digestive system and it is the only organ that can be seen directly. There are many cases that you can find disease of the whole body from it. In addition, by conducting a close examination of oral related diseases such as; dental caries, periodontal disease, halitosis, temporomandibular disorder, oral cancer, we diagnosis the current state of your oral condition and the degree of risk of oral diseases. Main purpose for Oral Dock program is to find and prevent diseases of the intraoral in advance It became possible.

--- Oral Dock Standard Treatment Corse ---
Total session: 1 hour 15 minutes (include 30 minutes counseling time)
¥19,440 each session

--- Description of Oral Dock Program ---
*Intraoral and Maxillofacial exam (by detail of 3D graphic)
*intraoral aging
*intraoral mucous membrane
*Bites relation and bite strength
*Periodontics exam (periodontal tissue, periodontal pathogenic bacteria,
*Periodontal disease risk test

For Severe Gum Disease

■ Personal Oral Care Cleaning (intensive care treatment program) Perfect course to do all of care advice such as; remove tough stain, calculus, bring up to restore healthy and strengthen teeth, healing from bad breath.

--- Personal Oral Care standard ---
Total session: 60 minutes (include 5 minutes counseling)
¥19,440/each session

--- Description of personal oral care standard ---
*remove tough stain (sand blaster)
*remove calculus,
*remove plaques.
*bad breath treatment
*apply material to preven from any dental disesases and maintain strong, healthy teeth.

■ Whitening

It`s laser whitening treatment at the clinic. You can receive treatment of teeth whitening and tooth strengthening at the same time in about one hour. Resorts of discoloration may vary. You can expect dramatic change of your teeth in limited time, especially for busy, those who want to get effects quickly. Those who do whitening for the first time are advised to do it twice to surely acquire white teeth. After that, usually once every 6 to 12 months, it is possible to keep white teeth by performing office whitening once.

--- Descriptions of Whitening ---
* Office Whitening ¥19,440
* Home Whitening
(one time session total 20 teeth) ¥30,240
* Perfect Whitening
(one time session total 20 teeth) ¥36,720
*Dual Whitening ¥48,600

■ Stress Free Dental Treatment

*General Anesthesia
*Intravenous sedation
*Complete sterilized surgery room