Dental Station Sakuragicho

Every following case is carefully treatment for:

■ Tooth Decay (pain and restore)

■ Root Canal Treatment

■ Periodontal disease,

■ Orthodontic treatment,

■ Advanced periodontal disease treatment,

■ Implant

■ Whitening

■ Aesthetic dental treatment,

■ Anti-aging consultation

We will take care of our patients for every need of common dental problems!

DSS is General Dental Office that can receive advanced dentistry treatment in a local medical mall. We provide you a complete health dental care !

Ceramics crown & Inlay

Does your mouth contain a silver-colored covering? If the tooth decayed worse, it will cover the entire tooth, which makes it stand out by the silver covering also, even in the front teeth, the color of the white fogged thing insured cannot be turned yellow. Ceramic bases made of ceramics (ceramics teeth backed with metal) and all ceramics (no metal) by restoration, we can acquire white teeth without color change for a life time.


We have a office whining with highly safe LED light suitable for age of over 12 years old. In addition, we use Titanium oxide, as a whitening agent, it is easy to teeth whiten in a short time, it is safe to use without pain, (reaction and resorts may vary)

Implant treatment

Implant does not necessary to shave off the next tooth; it can keep the remaining
teeth healthy. Also, because it is fixed type,

■the meal tastes delicious and
■anything you can chew,
■pronunciation is also good.

And you can regain the clean teeth and comfortable mouth It is just like anti-aging.

Our success rate is high for patients with all conditions, such as severe bone loss, volume of bone density etc. Discuss and explain your case with 3D diagnosis image for your complete understanding before process for start the treatment,

Regular Dental Examination

Teeth are deeply connected with general health, so you should always be careful about oral hygiene. It is necessary to treat as soon as possible when it comes to tooth decay and periodontal disease. For that reason, it is important to regularly undergo a medical examination and discover tooth decay and periodontal disease at an early stage. We accept Japanese national health insurance for the treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Hospitality - overflowing treatment space

Everyone is nervous when getting dental treatment. Relaxing and treating like an environment that you can give and do not get tired even if you sit for a long time. We have a low rebound chair for your comfort moment.